Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Watching Justin

Just what we need: more reality.



Setup: a mirror, stare into the mirror.

"Hmm. I wonder what he will do next. Shut up, he was talking. Crap, I missed what he said."

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) DVD Set

Sonic is faster than ever. Shout Factory has released the whole (?) series with extras. First, the covers may look unusual. Shout Factory collected fan art of SatAM for the boxes and discs. How way past cool is that?

A sign that many companies many not be so bad. Wal-Mart probably won't listen to every customer, but other business get down to business.

Shout Factory has also release other sets, including Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N, and Legend of Zelda.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

head ache

I have this massive head ache. I think it is from having too much caffeine. A few times energy drinks have given me bloody noses. Caffeine helps me sell at work, but I soon pay for it afterwards.

It has been bothering me that I feel that I am missing something. I am using in "having" mode. I don't have this or don't have that. Capitalism is ready for the person in "being" mode. If you need something, buy it. Another problem I have with the capitalism is the need to "have" friends. Without relationships with others a person cannot trade.

Geeky and nerdy people are notorious for being friendless. Many cannot sell either. I also try to avoid conflict. Differences do lead to conflict. For me to avoid conflict, I would have to eliminate differences between the world and me. I would conform and lose myself to the world. Through my readings I have met difference people that have ideas about how to fix the problem of being yourself. Richard Florida, Erich Fromm, and Paul Graham each have solutions, but Erich Fromm introduces a method that avoids controlling people.

some art

Created this for a friend of mine. I still think that pencil is a good medium for drawing. I haven't seen much detailed furry art created on computers. The shape of a pencil just gives me more control.