Tuesday, January 02, 2007

YouTube on PSP

I have been wanting a more mobile way to get content. At first I bought a PSP for the games, but, now, I think it can do much more. With new RSS feed reader the device has jumped up a notch.

One problem about YouTube. The videos are in the latest version of Flash. The PSP browser has a flash player, but because it is custom and distributed by a different company, you can't upgrade it. The PSP can play MPEG4 video with AAC sound so any converter to that would do. vixy.net just lets you do that on the web. Enter a YouTube address and out pops a MPEG4 video. The video can also be created on demand. Integrating this with RSS and you get a on demand video feed of YouTube on your PSP.

Podcaster of furries on YouTube by vixy.net [RSS]

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