Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'll Be Back

Terminator 4: Wanky's Revenge....

No, it's Wanky the Safety Cat.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Richard Florida in fur

I have been wondering what I have been attracted to the idea of a science fiction convention or to certain people. Many people at these conventions are creativity, therefore seek a place to avoid being bashed for their ideas. I have two opposing thoughts about what creativity people can do in order to have freedom.

2 the Ranting Gryphon repeatingly emphasizing courage in the fandom. If someone calls you a freak, you should not run. Not all people have enough confidence in themselves. This would lead many to be left behind.

Richard Florida of Rise of the Creative Class emphasizes tolerant places. Many fans have adopted Second Life as a tolerant place. Tolerant places seem to be the best solution, but many people try to stop advances. Why? Many working class people want security. Many creative people want freedom. Working class people are scared. The working class retreat to the three forms of escape from freedom, Authoritarianism, Destructiveness, and Automaton Conformity.

Maybe it would be best to increase the number of creative places and increase the frequency of their occurrence. Such as, have a convention multiple times a year.

The main group that I see having these problems is the furry fandom.

Monday, February 05, 2007

creativity as a way of life

I have been reading quite a bit about how people should change from just doing to being creativity. Obvious, Rise of the Creative Class has brought to light the importance of creative people, but I have found others emphasize creativity. Erich Fromm writing in Escape From Freedom that people should switch to a mode of being, instead of having, in which people are themselves, are spontaneous, and are creative. In the E-Myth series creativity is emphasized over merely doing. "Doing" should be thought of as doing something as a machine does something. It does what it is told. The process of trial and error is needed, because creative people often do what they are not told to do (this is different from doing what you are told not to do, which is restricting your behavior). As Steve Pavlina ( says, "Ready, Fire, Aim". Reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series gave me more ideas. Think of the creative class as entrepreneurs and the industrial class as employees. Creative class wants freedom, yet the industrial class wants security. That is an explanation for why the industrial class had jobs for years on end, yet the Creative class doesn't like working at jobs.

Because of the faster transfer of information, the economy is changing fast. Large corporations can't use the same, slow tools, like copyrights, as before to leverage themselves. The economy is becoming more modular where your job is less of a job and more like your own small business. Think of a job as a business where your customer (your employer) provides the tools. When I go to my customer as provide cashier services, I don't own my own cash register. The reduction in pay compared to if I had my own business is that I pay to rent the tools and for tax services, but my employer doesn't tell me that.

My other reason for investigating this topic is the furry fandom and what makes it significant. The furry fandom shows many signs of the creative class. The 'gay index' has been mentioned in David J. Rust's Sociology of the Furry Fandom. Some have said the ratio of sexual orientation is the same in almost all places, but that in certain areas many are more open about it. This probably deals with the socialization process. Most in the public who are different who are socialized are closed about themselves and wear masks (as Erich Fromm states) which reflect how others want them to be. They are not themselves.

To think more about what the Creative Class is, ask yourself: do you want Freedom or Security?
The freedom or security (also security as having a place in the afterlife) question is an on going battle in politics.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

favorite flash movies

I found a lot of cool furry animations and some games too. Even an Okami game.

I particularly like:

Link as a dog

16-Bit Park

Dendyn Dynasties

Merry F****** Christmas


raiders of the trash

Very well done. Would like to see more. I like how the human looks kind of scruffy.

re-animator (furry)

Check this out.