Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's going on....

I haven't been posting much, probably, because I can't decide on what I should talk about. The end of Furry Weekend Atlanta 2008 is here, but I am not that disappointed. First, in my situation I couldn't go anyway. But, I don't want to just leave it as an excuse. I wanted to go. What is holding me back? Partially, what is holding me back is my current situation. I have housing from my parents so I don't want to "bite the hand that feeds". What I can do is do what I can. Basically, what can I do right now that will get me closer? I know it won't be easy, but I can make it easy. I need the basic survival gear and a way to replenish it.

* Food
* Water
* Shelter (housing)
* Fire (heating)
* Money (way to replenish survival gear)

My skills allow me to gain money, but in small amounts. I need to find a way to gain large amounts of money. Don't we all have that problem. I am working at it, but I am stumbling my way to the goal. I see the goal, but there is no one way to get to it. I just have to try things. Trying can cause failure, including loss of money.

As for FWA 2008, I am setting up a video playlist. You can find it on my site.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Future Plans

I don't want to jinx myself and say it is a New Year's resolution. I am finally diving in and setting a goal to be independent. I have lived with my parents for so long. It has taken me quite a while to figure out what I truly want. I believe it is freedom. Freedom to be myself. If I am on my own, I think it would be easier. You can "tell off" a stranger, but it is impossible to argue with a relative. Part of my plans are to go to a convention. For a 3-day convention (just to participate) would be around (US) $600. I would think that someone would have a list of what one would need for a house. I think I would need to create a new list.

One of my problems has been income. I prefer to stay away from normal employment as this would take away my freedom. Steve Pavlina and Barbara Winter have some good articles about making making money without a job. I just need to decide what I will do. At this point any decision is better than none. I have also been thinking about my tendency to be a generalist. My main interest is computers, but I would like to explore other fields.

Furry fandom in the real world has been out of my reach. I know I can draw, sew, paint, but I feel censored in my own home. I would rather be able to choose to do something than be force to do something even if I liked it. Why do I think that my own house will give me freedom? I wouldn't have total freedom (as I would have to respect others), but I would have more freedom than here.

What can I do right now? Sell stuff I don't need, work on my businesses, find a job for spare cash, look for a house, create a budget, think of ways to make money, think about how I made money in the past, create goals of what I would do with the money.

I have been thinking of creating something unique for the fandom. Marionettes have fascinated for quite a while. If you have seen Team America, you know what marionettes can do. In the future I probably will draw more and create a fursuit.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New stuff

I am rolling out some new stuff. For my logo I still want to add augmented reality goggles and a body. I wish I had more time for art so I can create some nice works.

Also, I have been trying to sign up for a different host, but I haven't had any emails. It is weird.

I am not sure about what I should use use my website for. Probably as a profile and hosting art.

Kinda hungry right now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

new art

I have some art from a while ago that I will put on my site.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

media fandom

Despite the amount of fan created furry work on the internet, there are still some furry work in the media I like.

Squirrel Boy
Very nice. The creator had some practice with Duckman. Darlene (female squirrel) does has some appeal.

My Gym Partner's A Monkey
Despite having a monkey as a main character, main other furry fandom friendly animals (fox, wolf) can be seen.

Sonic the Hedgehog comic
Very nice and available at main locations. Bunnie and Sally are appealing female characters.

(will add links later)

premiere product

Get rid of trolls and goons.

Every furry fan needs a case or 12. Aerosol powered and CFC free.

Order now!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Watching Justin

Just what we need: more reality.



Setup: a mirror, stare into the mirror.

"Hmm. I wonder what he will do next. Shut up, he was talking. Crap, I missed what he said."

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) DVD Set

Sonic is faster than ever. Shout Factory has released the whole (?) series with extras. First, the covers may look unusual. Shout Factory collected fan art of SatAM for the boxes and discs. How way past cool is that?

A sign that many companies many not be so bad. Wal-Mart probably won't listen to every customer, but other business get down to business.

Shout Factory has also release other sets, including Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Captain N, and Legend of Zelda.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

head ache

I have this massive head ache. I think it is from having too much caffeine. A few times energy drinks have given me bloody noses. Caffeine helps me sell at work, but I soon pay for it afterwards.

It has been bothering me that I feel that I am missing something. I am using in "having" mode. I don't have this or don't have that. Capitalism is ready for the person in "being" mode. If you need something, buy it. Another problem I have with the capitalism is the need to "have" friends. Without relationships with others a person cannot trade.

Geeky and nerdy people are notorious for being friendless. Many cannot sell either. I also try to avoid conflict. Differences do lead to conflict. For me to avoid conflict, I would have to eliminate differences between the world and me. I would conform and lose myself to the world. Through my readings I have met difference people that have ideas about how to fix the problem of being yourself. Richard Florida, Erich Fromm, and Paul Graham each have solutions, but Erich Fromm introduces a method that avoids controlling people.

some art

Created this for a friend of mine. I still think that pencil is a good medium for drawing. I haven't seen much detailed furry art created on computers. The shape of a pencil just gives me more control.