Monday, February 12, 2007

Richard Florida in fur

I have been wondering what I have been attracted to the idea of a science fiction convention or to certain people. Many people at these conventions are creativity, therefore seek a place to avoid being bashed for their ideas. I have two opposing thoughts about what creativity people can do in order to have freedom.

2 the Ranting Gryphon repeatingly emphasizing courage in the fandom. If someone calls you a freak, you should not run. Not all people have enough confidence in themselves. This would lead many to be left behind.

Richard Florida of Rise of the Creative Class emphasizes tolerant places. Many fans have adopted Second Life as a tolerant place. Tolerant places seem to be the best solution, but many people try to stop advances. Why? Many working class people want security. Many creative people want freedom. Working class people are scared. The working class retreat to the three forms of escape from freedom, Authoritarianism, Destructiveness, and Automaton Conformity.

Maybe it would be best to increase the number of creative places and increase the frequency of their occurrence. Such as, have a convention multiple times a year.

The main group that I see having these problems is the furry fandom.

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