Sunday, March 25, 2007

head ache

I have this massive head ache. I think it is from having too much caffeine. A few times energy drinks have given me bloody noses. Caffeine helps me sell at work, but I soon pay for it afterwards.

It has been bothering me that I feel that I am missing something. I am using in "having" mode. I don't have this or don't have that. Capitalism is ready for the person in "being" mode. If you need something, buy it. Another problem I have with the capitalism is the need to "have" friends. Without relationships with others a person cannot trade.

Geeky and nerdy people are notorious for being friendless. Many cannot sell either. I also try to avoid conflict. Differences do lead to conflict. For me to avoid conflict, I would have to eliminate differences between the world and me. I would conform and lose myself to the world. Through my readings I have met difference people that have ideas about how to fix the problem of being yourself. Richard Florida, Erich Fromm, and Paul Graham each have solutions, but Erich Fromm introduces a method that avoids controlling people.

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