Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Future Plans

I don't want to jinx myself and say it is a New Year's resolution. I am finally diving in and setting a goal to be independent. I have lived with my parents for so long. It has taken me quite a while to figure out what I truly want. I believe it is freedom. Freedom to be myself. If I am on my own, I think it would be easier. You can "tell off" a stranger, but it is impossible to argue with a relative. Part of my plans are to go to a convention. For a 3-day convention (just to participate) would be around (US) $600. I would think that someone would have a list of what one would need for a house. I think I would need to create a new list.

One of my problems has been income. I prefer to stay away from normal employment as this would take away my freedom. Steve Pavlina and Barbara Winter have some good articles about making making money without a job. I just need to decide what I will do. At this point any decision is better than none. I have also been thinking about my tendency to be a generalist. My main interest is computers, but I would like to explore other fields.

Furry fandom in the real world has been out of my reach. I know I can draw, sew, paint, but I feel censored in my own home. I would rather be able to choose to do something than be force to do something even if I liked it. Why do I think that my own house will give me freedom? I wouldn't have total freedom (as I would have to respect others), but I would have more freedom than here.

What can I do right now? Sell stuff I don't need, work on my businesses, find a job for spare cash, look for a house, create a budget, think of ways to make money, think about how I made money in the past, create goals of what I would do with the money.

I have been thinking of creating something unique for the fandom. Marionettes have fascinated for quite a while. If you have seen Team America, you know what marionettes can do. In the future I probably will draw more and create a fursuit.

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